We are Marilyne and Derek Lade and we currently live in the village of East Hagbourne in South Oxfordshire, where we have been since 1987.   

We would like to start by telling you a bit about us and how Golden Retrievers came in to our lives and the journey they have taken us on.  

We first became interested in Golden Retrievers in 1975 when a friend and work colleague brought her Golden bitch to work. She was called Vicky and she just loved everyone and presented any visitors with gifts which she had stolen from our handbags or even the waste bin.  

We decided we wanted a Golden like Vicky.  So, in 1980 our first Golden, who we named Honey, came into our lives. Needless to say she was not at all like Vicky but loveable all the same.  She needed training so we started to take her to Obedience classes and it was at one of these classes someone mentioned showing her dog.   In those early days we knew that Honey was not show quality so we researched, read books, went to local Open Shows to see exactly what “showing” entailed.    It became apparent that we would need another dog/bitch suitable to show. 

In 1984 the owners of Vicky had another bitch called Sheena who they bred from using Mrs E Newark’s  Chafforn Justinian and from that litter we chose a dog.  We named him William, and our showing career started, gaining a second place at his, and our, very first show.    The rest, as the saying goes, is history.   

In 1985 Broadmead Penelope (Hindringham  Home Rule for Chafforn x Catcombe Caress of Broadmead) arrived.  She was successful in the show ring and we decided to breed from her but we needed an affix.  

In 1987 our HUNTERDEAN affix was granted.   This affix is made up of our grandparents surnames – Hunter and Dean. 

From one dog we soon became six.   Goldens are very contagious to humans! 

After a good few years on the show scene we were honoured to be asked to start judging the breed.  Scary at first,  but now Marilyne awards Challenge Certificates in Golden Retrievers. 

In 1994 we were introduced to Gillian and Brian Wicklow of Gillbryan Golden Retrievers when they were at their boarding kennels in Wiltshire.  We have become very good friends and have learned such a lot from them, for which we will always be indebted.  In 1998 we joined forces and our MANTONDEAN affix was granted and in partnership with Gill and Brian we had our first Show Champion,  Gillbryan Partner in Crime at Mantondean (Murphy) and in June 2013 Gillbryan Any Dream Will Do JW (Joe) became a Show Champion as well. 

Our current star is Gillbryan Singapore Sling with Mantondean (Raffles) who Gill and Brian have allowed to come and live with us in Oxfordshire.  He is by Sh Ch Gillbryan Any Dream Will Do JW  x Gillbryan Magdalena.   He is a delight to have around and we are so pleased with his results in the show ring.  

Because of ongoing personal circumstances, the bitches we have are still with Gill and Brian for the time being, but we  have five dogs who all live in the house with never a cross bark.  A great advert for their breeding and temperament. 

Our dogs are our best friends, they make us laugh and make us cry but we wouldn’t be without a dog in the house.  

They conform to the breed standard set by the Kennel Club and have undergone all the  relevant health checks including hip scores and eye checks.


We hope you enjoy browsing through the pages.











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